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Product features

LightningNewtab is a Chrome extension based on Html5. It provides website fast dial to make you find your favorite websites ASAP.

LightningNewtab provides website fast dial to make you find your favorite websites ASAP, such as Google, Facebook, 337 and DDT. Functions like fast visit to extension shortcut, website custom and wall paper can all enhance the New Tabs of Chrome. Besides, LightningNewtab also provides Weather, Favorite, History, Extension Manager, Wall Paper, and plug-ins of Favorite and Fast Search. We are keeping developing plug-ins with more functions in order to offer users the best way of surfing online.

Update log

Version: Date Updated: 22-10-2013

  • 1. History and favorites can be a key to the dial pad
  • 2. Weather Module urban search and optimization
  • 2. Optimization of Russia, Vietnam and India data

Version: Date Updated: 14-10-2013

  • 1. You can delete local upload wallpapers now
  • 2. Several bug fixes

Version: Date Updated: 11-10-2013

  • 1. Right-editing features to increase
  • 2. Increase Useful Websites logo
  • 3. Focus Mode popup search optimization

Version: Date Updated: 24-09-2013

  • 1. Optimized functionalities of weather, time, data storage, etc.
  • 2. Optimized and removed plugin positioning
  • 3. Added the function of “Add to Lightning Newtab by Right Click”, added a thumbnail system

Version: Date Updated: 07-08-2013

  • 1. Fixed the bug of when using search bar both mouse buttons not functioning
  • 2. Added the functionality of uploading customized logo when adding customized URL(Upload image to local, no server support needed)
  • 3. Added the functionality of either choosing a solid color background wallpaper or uploading a customized local background image (which can be switched in order)

Version: Date Updated: 01-08-2013

  • 1. Fixed several bugs
  • 2. Simplified tips of quick search bar, optimized style, avoiding incomplete display jof certain countries' languages
  • 3. Added desktop notification functionality to remind the launch of new features
  • 4. Press the Ctrl key while clicking on URL to open the webpage in a new window
  • 5. Added a Polish language pack

Version: Date Updated: 30-07-2013

  • 1. Fixed the bug of image classification for customized website (Disunity in country classification used to cause image error)
  • 2. Added the choice of adding remote image(imgUrl)while adding customized URL
  • 3. Changed the size of the first image of New User's Guide, from 107k to 31k, speeding up image's loading
  • 4. Fixed several statistic bugs

Version: Date Updated: 23-07-2013

  • 1. Adjusted the Default layout: 12 will be displayed when user's screen width is over1600, otherwise 9 will be displayed
  • 2. Added lazyload to wallpaper category, fixed the problem of download button not showing up
  • 3. Added New Users' Guide


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